Licensed Barber/ Cosmetologist/ Natural Hair Stylist

Chicago Based

Haircut – $35 Includes razor lining and lining color enhancement

Beard Trim/Lining – $15 Includes Razor Lining

Lining – $20

Big Chop – $35 Involves cutting any unwanted chemically processed hair off and creating shape so that your hair is able to be managed and worn in its’ natural state

Textured Tapered Cut – $50 (think Deva Cut) hair is cut, shaped and styled to maximize your curls. Curls are more defined and ends are clustered and smooth.  This style is worn to mimic a “wet look” as opposed to a natural Afro look.

Loc Start $85 and up – Locs started through comb twists, this look lasts 4-6 weeks with proper maintenance through consultation

Loc Maintenance – $75 and up – Locs maintained through twist and palm roll technique. This look includes wash, retwist and basic style (SPECIAL: LIMITED TIME ONLY). This style is expected to last 4-6 weeks with proper maintenance

Loc Extensions –  $$$ determined by consultation, style, width, hair type and length. Extensions available are : Microlock Extensions, Textured Extensions, Instaloc Extenensions, Sisterloc Extensions

Sisterlocks – $$$ depending on consultation

Sew In -(curly or textured only) $150 without closure/ With Closure $175/ With Frontal $200

Two Strand Twist – $75 and up full head $45 and up high top fade $60 Mohawk Twist

Man Weave – $125 and up depending upon consultation

Lashes – $65 Individual Mink

Interlock Start $175 and up

Color – Full Head 60 and up ends $25 and up